I've been in a really negative place. Mainly because of stuff I can't... And there seems to be a lot of stuff I can't.
Instead of focusing on the I can't, I need to focus on the I can.
I know this to be true. But still... it doesn't make it any easier. Especially when there is all this stuff I should be able to and in the not so distant past I was able to. I'm still angry at it being ripped away. I'm still angry...very angry. I am angry that it makes me feel less of a person. That I allow it to make me feel less of a person.
I still don't trust myself with my emotions. But I am trying.


School is almost out for the summer, just a few weeks left. I have another trip to make to see a specialist. My weeks are still crammed with school work, therapy, and doctors visits. And then there is the family life stuff. Only time I've been getting off were the days I was to sick to get out of bed. Basically my body wouldn't let me, muscles weren't reacting. Thankfully that hasn't been more than a few times. I'm tired and achy.


Need to bounce back up!

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