more numbers

Liver counts are starting to drop. A1C is at 6.4 but, get this, premeal glucose is on average 200. And fasting is never under 120. Yikes! Could be the steroids, that was what I was told. Blood pressure hovers around 125(35)/60(70). My weight remains constant regardless if I say boo to it or not. Vadar mask isn't here yet. WBC is starting to go way up, but no one has sounded the alarm. YET. Been sick, weak, overly fatigued, had to cancel some things this week. However managed to trudge through my school work, 16 credit hours this semester. Hitting the gym in the morning should my body allow me to rise. Crossing my fingers, because as I said this has been a truck smashing week. Tuesday absolutely sucked, no one could wake me all day. My body just said we were cashed out. Nature of this monster. And I mean to try and log in closer to a mile on the recumbent. Gotta push for that 2.5 (end if the month). Reach, reach, STRIVE! Friday...haha my physical therapist will love me, especially after this week. What more to say. No moola in the account. Must get more creative with eats. Art class is not what I imagined. Working on two projects and one I am totally clueless on. And they're due Monday, bleh. A challenge I will rise to meet! Some people are totally rude. Some people are totally nice. I wish there were more nice people. More... Chemo was switched to me giving injections. I don't see how this is supposed to stop the hair loss, bloody nose and body aches. My hair... oh joy. 20 yrs of growing it out and now.. oh my. I am mad and I don't want to stare in the mirror to long. Can you tell that even though I need/want/need to get up in the morn I'm up already. Side effects, thanks to the prednisone. Someone, no joke, told me today that what I had to go through the rest of the semester was a piece of cake for me. She was a professional and in the position of advising me on something at school. She said this even after hearing all that I said and answering all that she wanted to know. Really? Cake.... SHOVE IT! This is hard and  I could back down, crawl under a rock and hide and cry and who knows what else... howl. Grrr...I'm fighting, don't dare tell me I'm eating cake!

peace all and I'm out...

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