Sometimes you have to squawk about the trees in your forest. Thank you ladies for responding to such noise. I have no clue what body of water (or to what difficulty) you had to cross to do so, but I truly thank you. It has helped me to see the picture better.

Good news, I don't have the flu. Yay! Might be feeling yucky all over from the MTX, that and this Monday the doc dropped the prednisone dosage down trying to wean me off it. Which means even more good news. The MTX and pred combo must be working to move my blood numbers lower. And that's a definite YAY! So two yays and only one boo... I am continuing to lose my hair. So much so, I have lost the majority of the volume and am now sporting balding patches. Soo... this means that MTX is out for the long term and they will have to find something else to work.

School started this week. And I am off to a good start! Another YAY! My one loaded topic this week is to write a philosophical argument as to what is lying. And it's limited to 600 words. This should be challenging to me, as I can be quite wordy. The rest of class work is lots or reading, 100 pages worth - halfway there, and several quizzes. Nothing I can't get done!

Had OT and PT this week and a sleep eval.  I get another one of those in a couple more weeks. They're interested in what I do while sleeping. Must be quite entertaining... Still some sporadic breathing difficulties, got an app coming soon. So will make lots of noise and be heard.. thank you.

Finally, for King A because he's been grieving, in thinking of him - for lunch today I had a microwaved potato topped with two cups steamed broccoli and 1.25 cups sausage gravy. It was halfway through it that I remembered I was supposed to take a pic, darn it... my brain must be fried. Sorry A no food porn other than the thought! 

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Scribbles said...

Umm...I wouldn't have shared your lunch..sounded rather yummy.