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to be reckoned with...

I am! Yes I can!

So my new PT that I have had to wait forever to see just did a basic eval and intro. And then told me to wait for a phone call for when they would set up apps. I did that. I waited. And they are not going to officially see me until February. I have no idea what the hold up is or if it's like thus elsewhere or if it's standard to make someone wait a long time for therapy. Anyways where I want o go with this post, huh!?

Well  I decided that since I made this goal of at least trying to see if I could use a recumbent and then if yes, ride 10 miles in May, I would have to go to the gym instead of waiting for the PT. So the this past week Capt. S and I rolled up into the gym. I was super nervous. Not because we went during maximum human time. Not because I was in a wheelchair. Not because the place isn't very wheelchair friendly. Hello heavy gym doors and no button access. And not because I look like someone took a bicycle tire pump to a really fat woman and blew her up 10x larger. Hello steroids! But because I was afraid that the bike seat would be to low. I am unable to raise up from sitting in low positions. This requires folks to have to lift me up and off. And it was just the two of us today. Basically anything lower than 20 inches and I have to have help. The lower, the more assistance I require. That's what I was nervous about. The old me, and I know I've blogged about it, would have been scared of all the people. And truth be told, I still get spooked about the people. Heck I can scare myself. Something though, about having going through this puts things into a different perspective. One they (the scary people) don't see or understand, but I do. And that's all that matters to me.

Okay enough already...

I was able to transition to the seat of the bike and thankfully it wasn't lower than either of us could manage. So big yay there! I sat in the seat, still unable to pick up my own legs. It took Capt S a bit to figure out feet straps and positions, but once he did get my feet strapped in he gave me a good whirl to get me started and I kept at it. HOORAY! YES I CAN!!!. I went a half mile and then we agreed for me to stop. I have no warning signals anymore (weird illness side affect) that tell me I have gone to far. I took a 5 minute break and was able to transfer back to the wheelchair. My legs felt like I had been rollerskating for hours. Heavy and weakened. We got back out to the vehicle, I went to transfer in and my hips and quads went completely out on me. Thankfully he's quick and caught, tossed me where I needed to go. So yep, I had pushed past where I need to stop. We're thinking of going next week and only doing a quarter mile. See if I can build from there.

I think this exercise will help me with building back up some strength. So even if I am going for a few minutes of time. It is so worth it!

That 10 miles is on then!


Scribbles said...

Twix I think it's awesome that you're off to the gym. We have a small gym here in my little town, but I just can't get myself to go. Maybe one day.

Scribbles said...

Onward and upward!